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To understand how we work and what it’s like to be part of the ADDvise Group, we want to let the leaders of our subsidiaries have their say. Here you can read what they think it’s like to be a part of ADDvise.

Merit Cables


“Being part of ADDvise is extremely positive”


Being part of ADDvise is extremely positive. Through our various business we help with patient care throughout the world.


As the CEO of Merit Cables, the most important things to me are Quality, Employees, Patient Care and our Company culture. We all at Merit Cables take great pride in our work and realize the products we produce could be used on our own family members.


ADDvise works as a partner that supports and strengthens us where we need it without taking away our ability to still run independently and make the necessary decisions for our Company. As ADDvise continues to grow bigger and stronger, they continue to supply support and assistance to ensure each business continues to grow and achieve its goals.


Michael Kolesar

Managing Director, Merit Cables

Surgical Tables Inc.


“A partner that supports and strengthens”


ADDvise works as a partner that supports and strengthens us where we need it without micromanagement of the day-to-day business activities. This company functions better within the ADDvise Group setting as it gives us greater opportunities for development and growth with the help of various corporate support functions.


Michael F. Cordes

Managing Director, Surgical Tables Inc. (STI)



“ADDvise acknowledge the unique structure of each business”


For decades MRC have been a family run business and the transition to being part of a larger group was initially quite daunting. However it shouldn’t have been.


ADDvise Group acknowledge the unique structure of each business they acquire, and their decentralized approach allows their companies to flourish in their own right. While at the same time their corporate support functions add value where it is needed, as well as security to our business and our clients. We are very happy to be part of ADDvise Group.


Samuel Hussain

CEO, MRC Cleanroom Systems

Be a part of the ADDvise Group


Acquisitions are one of the most important components for the ADDvise Group’s growth. We are always open for the possibility of acquisitions. We are long-term owners with a decentralized business model, with a focus on maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and business ability at the local level in acquired companies.


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