Sonesta Medical

Sonesta Medical is a leader in the development and manufacture of high-quality examination and procedure chairs for urology and gynecology.

Sonesta Medical AB

Sweden, Stockholm
Acquisition year

Pelin Sari

CEO Sonesta Medical

With ADDvise by our side, we never walk alone

Sonesta Medical, a leader in the development and manufacture of high-quality examination and procedure chairs for urology and gynecology, started its incredible journey in the early 1980s.

To this day, the company’s focus remains the same, and it has solidified its reputation as a leading provider of user-friendly and high-quality medical products.

Today, we celebrate Sonesta Medical’s successful ten-year partnership with the ADDvise Group. “We are a sweden based company, with a global reach that could not have been achieved without ADDvise,” says Pelin Sari, CEO at Sonesta Medical.

Accessible on-demand support and expert guidance

Pelin joined Sonesta in May of 2021 and is very appreciative of the team at ADDvise, who is a reliable sounding board when it comes to strategic decision-making, offering valuable insights and perspective. At the same time, the lines in the sand are clear, Pelin is in charge of Sonesta Medical, and ADDvise provides support and guidance when needed.

“One of the main benefits of being part of ADDvise is without a doubt the support and backup we get daily. They assist me in business strategies, and I have access to expert legal advice when drawing up contracts and agreements.”

Lowering overheads and increasing expansion with ADDvise

Being part of the ADDvise Group has meant Sonesta can focus on its core business while receiving expert support and backup from ADDvise Group. This has allowed Sonesta to keep overhead to a minimum while accelerating the business’s expansion.

It was only recently Sonesta brought a full-time CFO on board to oversee all financial matters, which earlier was managed through ADDvise. The company would also have needed to engage legal experts and handle its expansion very differently had it not been for its partnership with ADDvise.

“All in all, we are stronger thanks to ADDvise. Through the years, they have provided financial support and been a valuable partner during tougher times,” says Pelin.

Awarded for excellent performance

Under Pelin’s expert leadership, Sonesta has exceeded expectations, showing tremendous results in the last year alone. This achievement led to ADDvise awarding Sonesta Medical  its “Excellent Achievement Award”, which Pelin and the team were very proud to receive.

“We are both grateful and happy that our hard work has been noticed. This also serves as an incentive to keep striving towards our goals and expectations for our business,” says Pelin.

Boldly riding the MedTech wave

The medical technology sector is currently enjoying very strong development, and Sonesta has been able to capitalize on this growth. Both 2021 and 2022 showed outstanding results, and with ADDvise to back them up, Pelin and her team are ready to keep developing and advancing their business.

Pelin ends by saying: “We run our company independently, without having ADDvise constantly looking over our shoulder. At the same time, we are extremely grateful for the safety net that ADDvise provides. It means we can make bold business decisions without the risk of severe setbacks. That is the trust that exists between us and ADDvise, for which we are very happy. With ADDvise, we never walk alone”.