Corporate governance


Governance, management, and control at ADDvise Group are distributed between the shareholders, the Board of Directors, the CEO, and Group management. ADDvise Group is a Swedish public limited company with its registered office in Stockholm; its shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Premier. ADDvise Group’s corporate governance complies with applicable laws and regulations, Nasdaq First North’s rules and regulations, and the requirements set out in the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, with the exception of ADDvise not having appointed an Audit Committee at the end of 2021. There are plans to introduce the committee in conjunction with the 2022 Annual General Meeting. In addition to legislation, rules, and recommendations, the Articles of Association form the basis for control of the company’s activities. 

The Annual General Meeting is the highest decision-making body of ADDvise Group, and this is where shareholders exercise their voting rights. The Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Board are elected by the Annual General Meeting following nominations proposed by the Nomination Committee. The Board of Directors appoints the CEO. The Board of Directors has adopted rules of procedure and instructions for the work of the Board and the CEO. In addition, ADDvise has adopted internal steering documents that clarify procedures and the allocation of responsibilities and powers in important relevant areas. 

The administration work carried out by the Board of Directors and the CEO, as well as the company’s financial statements, are reviewed by the external auditor appointed by the Annual General Meeting. 


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