Audit committee


The committee’s responsibilities includes monitoring corporate governance. The committee reviews the procedures for the company’s risk management, governance and control and ensures the process of financial reporting according to an established work plan for the financial year. Furthermore, the committee ensure a quality process of the material included in the financial reports.


The committee has ongoing contacts with the company’s auditor and the finance function in the group to ensure that the internal and external accounting meet the requirements, that relevant policies and governing documents exist and to discuss the scope and direction of material matters on which the audit shall be specifically focused.


The committee evaluates the audits and approves procedures for what additional services the company may procure from the external auditors. The committee also assists the nomination committee in the preparation of proposals for auditors and their remuneration.


The committee annually draws up a plan for its work and holds at least three meetings per financial year. The committee reports annually on its work to the board.


The audit committee consists of two members of the board of directors, Anna Ljung and Staffan Torstensson.