Nomination Committee


The nomination committee in the company shall normally be composed of a representative for each of the company’s three largest known shareholders in respect of voting power as of 30 June prior to the annual general meeting, as well as the chairman of the board, who shall convene the first meeting of the nomination committee.


The member representing the largest shareholder in respect of voting power shall be appointed as chairman of the nomination committee, unless the nomination committee appoints someone else amongst it.


The names of the members of the nomination committee, together with information on the shareholders they represent, shall be made public no later than six months before the annual general meeting or, if a change occurs later on, as soon as possible after said change.


The nomination committee’s task is to prepare and submit proposals to the upcoming annual general meeting regarding chairman of the meeting, board of directors, chairman of the board of directors, auditor, remuneration to the board of directors and auditor, any remuneration to committees and any proposals on amendments to this instruction for the nomination committee.


ADDvise Group’s nomination committee for the Annual General Meeting 2024
  • Per-Anders Tammerlöv (chairman of the nomination committee), representative of the shareholder Rikard Akhtarzand
  • Per Åhlgren, representative of the shareholder Gomobile nu AB
  • Roger Lindqvist, representative of the shareholder Caracal AB
  • Staffan Torstensson, chairman of board of ADDvise Group AB