Financial Targets


ADDvise Group’s long term financial targets are categorized within four areas: growthprofitabilitycapital structure and dividend. The ambiton is to keep the focus on high revenue growth, based on a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. Profitable revenue growth combined with reduced net debt to EBITDA is an overall target. Given time, dividend to ADDvise Group’s shareholders will be added.


ADDvise Group’s long term financial targets is not to be mistaken for an annual forecast. The financial targets should be seen as an ambition from the board and CEO. The targets will be achieved both by acquisitions and organic growth.


ADDvise Group’s long term financial targets are:

Latest update May 24, 2023


Revenue growth: Annual growth in revenue shall exceed 30%. Growth will be achieved organically as well as through acquisitions.


Profitability: EBITDA-margin shall reach 28%.


Capital structure: Net interest-bearing debt in relation to EBITDA should not exceed 3,0 times.


Dividend: 25 % of previous year EBT, excluding revaluation of pending earn outs, shall constitute shareholders’ dividend.