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The Healthcare unit manufactures and distributes medical equipment and consumables, both advanced and conventional. It Is one of the market leaders in delivering medical technology products and consumables – everything from pacemakers to advanced chairs for urology and gynecology.


Customers are found within ambulance and emergency care, surgery, and general medical care. The business includes the manufacturing and sale of proprietary products, as well as the distribution of well-known brands within medical technology and consumables for healthcare.

Our companies within Healthcare

AB Germa
Develops, markets, and manufactures quality products within rescue, protection and ambulance equipment.

Markets, designs, and sells medical equipment for prehospital and hospital use. Broad product portfolio in emergency care, anesthesia, surgery, intensive care, and diagnostics.

Sonesta Medical AB
Patented product portfolio in equipment for patient positioning, mainly in urology and gynecology.

Surgical Tables Inc (STI)
A leading manufacturer of high-quality c-arm tables. A variety of tables for multiple modalities, including pain management, vascular, urology, ERCP/GI, Bariatric and more.

Sonar Oy
Leading expert of health care and industrial imaging devices. Product portfolio includes imaging devices for health care and veterinary use, but also devices for industrial use such as NDT inspections.

Merit Cables, Inc
Offer an extensive line of cables, connectors, and lead wires, primarily for the medical monitoring industry, in both the domestic and international markets.

Medisuite is an American online pharmacy that specializes in medication for men’s health. The prescription medication that is marketed is mainly used for treatment of cancer, incontinence, and impotence.

Specialized in the development of orthopedic implants and stents for feet and ankle surgery. The company has developed a portfolio of several life-changing foot implants.


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