Our view on sustainability


Sustainability is an important and a clear part of ADDvise Group’s focus.
For us, it is about taking responsibility and influencing at all levels within the group.

Our view on sustainability


ADDvise’s business concept is to improve, extend and save people’s lives. It is a social responsibility that contributes to a more sustainable society. But sustainability for us is more than that. It´s about taking responsibility and make a difference at all levels. When we talk about sustainability, we mean sustainable for the environment, sustainable from a social perspective and sustainable from a business perspective. Together with our subsidiaries, we we can do great good.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly fundamental in our pursuit of better business results. We will continue to work on developing and improving our sustainability work annually.

Sustainability metrics 2023
801,5 MWh
Group’s total energy consumption
Of group’s energy comes from renewable sources
0,35 CO2e ton/MSEK
Emissions of greenhouse gases in terms of turnover

Sustainability goals by 2030


ADDvise’s long-term sustainability goals have a clear connection to the company’s vision of contributing to a sustainable society through products and services that improve, prolong and save people’s lives. The sustainability goals, in combination with the financial goals, will ensure that the company steers towards long-term profitable and sustainable growth.



  • Reduce the carbon dioxide intensity by 50% in scope 1 & 2.
    (Including subsidiaries scope 1 & 2).
    ADDvise strives to map scope 3 in 2023.


Finance / Governance

  • All companies within the Group must have incentives linked to sustainability-related goals.
  • 100% of the acquisitions must contribute to the UN’s sustainability goal no. 3 good health and well-being and meet the requirements of ADDvise policy for sustainable investments.
  • 1.5% of net sales will be set aside for product development of products that improve, prolong, and save people’s lives.


  • Achieve gender equality of people on the board and in senior positions (male and female are represented in the range 40–60%).
  • All companies within the Group must comply with a code of conduct.
  • Sick leave max 5%.
  • Our vision is to work towards Zero workplace accidents.
Be a part of the solution

Sustainability is an important part


To be a long-term successful company, we are convinced that you must be part of the solution to the world’s sustainability challenges. With our sustainability goals, we mark that this is an important issue for us that are deeply rooted within the business. ADDvise’s core business contributes to sustainable society with products and services that prolong, improve and save people’s lives.

UN´s GLOBAL sustainability goals 2030, (SDGs)

ADDvise Group contributes to the UN’s global sustainability goals


UN’s sustainable development goals, SDGs, must contribute to socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable development and be achieved by 2030. ADDvise Group, with subsidiaries, contributes both directly and indirectly to most of the goals presented below. Sustainability is an important and clear part of ADDvise Group’s work. ADDvise Group’s business concept is to improve, extend and save people’s lives. It is a great responsibility that is of the utmost importance for us but also for all people and society at large. This is where our impact is greatest. This means that the goal we contribute to the most is the global sustainability goal 3 – Good health and well-being.




ADDvise companies are important players in both the healthcare sector and the laboratory and research sector. Amongst other things, they contribute to improving healthcare processes and products, enable safe and modern research, development of medicines, vaccines, etc.




It is of utmost importance for ADDvise Group to be an employer with decent working conditions. This applies at all stages of the value chain. To ensure decent working conditions at all levels, ADDvise Group has developed a code of conduct that is partially based on the human rights decided by the UN.




By sponsoring and supporting the charity Hand in Hand, Sweden, ADDvise Group indirectly contributes to reducing poverty. Hand in Hand works with sustainable poverty reduction through entrepreneurship and education and is aimed primarily at women.




Companies within the ADDvise Group hire suppliers for production who work to create jobs and are inclusive of all people, regardless of their functional variations or work ability.




ADDvise works to achieve a gender-equal group, with a focus on people on the board and senior positions. We have not reached our internal goal of a gender-equal company yet, but we see a clear and sustained trend in the right direction that shows that what we do works. With equality between people in senior positions and the board, ADDvise aims for a distribution between the sexes, of 40/60 percent.




Companies within the ADDvise Group are constantly working to improve and develop their production approach. They evaluate sustainable material choices and review packaging materials to achieve the most sustainable production possible.

We support Hand in Hand


By supporting the charity organization Hand in Hand, we help people (mainly women), to help themselves out of poverty through entrepreneurship.


Hand in Hand Sweden is a non-profit organization that works with entrepreneurship as an effective, long-term and sustainable way of fighting poverty. ADDvise Group works according to a decentralized business model where the entrepreneurial spirit and business ability at the local level are of the utmost importance to be retained in acquired companies. ADDvise has a long-term commitment and works annually to increase support for Hand in Hand.


“Supporting a charity organization that is involved in helping to eradicate poverty through education and entrepreneurship to make the world a better place feels important. It is our responsibility as a company to help where we can, even outside our own organization”, says CEO Rikard Akhtarzand.



Visit Hand in Hand



ADDvise has set up a whistleblower system to enable anonymous reporting of irregularities and to ensure that people are able to report violations. The whistleblower system is part of ADDvise Group’s work to maintain a transparent business environment, high business ethics and sustainable operations. It enables us to detect and remedy any violations or misconduct at an early stage.


This reporting shall be used to draw our attention to violations or misconduct, both actions or omissions, within e.g., public procurement, financial services, product safety and product conformity, transport safety, environmental protection, public health, consumer protection and the protection of privacy and personal data.


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Code of Conduct


ADDvise Group is committed to conduct all our business with integrity and in an ethical manner with respect for human rights, labor rights, sustainability, anti-corruption and care for the environment.


The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that all our employees and business partners operate in accordance with our standards and pursuant to internationally and nationally recognized standards, laws, guidelines and regulations.



Code of Conduct