Specialized in the development of orthopedic implants and stents for feet and ankle surgery. The company has developed a portfolio of several life-changing foot implants.


USA, Michigan
Acquisition year

Tony Robinson

CEO at GraMedica

Revolutionizing orthopedics – GraMedica’s accelerated growth with ADDvise

In the dynamic world of orthopedic innovation, GraMedica is dedicated to developing ground-breaking products that empower clinicians and transform patient care. All research, development, and manufacturing are based in the US, and these life-changing products are distributed globally. Tony Robinson, the CEO of GraMedica, discusses how the collaboration with ADDvise has empowered the company to prioritize strategic growth initiatives.

An entrepreneurial endeavor ready to take the next step

GraMedica’s choice to unite with ADDvise stemmed from the recognition that the company had hit a plateau, prompting the need for a transformative shift to propel it to the next echelon of success. To achieve this, they resolved to undertake two key actions:

Almost overnight, this resulted in GraMedica acquiring immediate access to a global presence that it could utilize and leverage, as well as invaluable expertise, acting as a potent force multiplier.

“Building our own high caliber team of such acumen and experience internally would have taken us years, so we are very fortunate to have ADDvise provide support which we could leverage immediately,” says Tony.

A culture of “How can we help?”

When ADDvise approached GraMedica, one significant concern was  naturally: “Will our objectives align?”. Tony noted that ADDvise swiftly dispelled this fear. Their approach was not one of apprehension but rather, “How can we assist?” as they promptly provided unrestricted access to all their resources.

Tony highlighted his close and effective communication with his counterparts at ADDvise, particularly in financial and operational matters, as well as when requiring legal assistance.

Above all, Tony values the organization’s profound commitment to the “How can we help?” ethos, which is a powerful cultural hallmark. Upon his initial introduction to the group’s directors, he found a welcoming and supportive environment, with everyone extending a helping hand should he ever require it.

“I truly value the certainty that, should a unique scenario arise, I can promptly connect with a team ready to offer their practical guidance and expertise,” says Tony.

Focusing on growth and embracing opportunities

The partnership with ADDvise has spared GraMedica from the typical challenges that accompany organizational expansion. Instead, it can concentrate on fostering growth and capitalizing on available opportunities which arise.

The company no longer needs to fear growth or if it will be able to manage that associated momentum which comes with growth, should it arise. GraMedica and ADDvise share a common commitment to establishing a robust foundation that will sustain the company for years to come.

“Having the capacity to make decisions with a long-term horizon is a privilege,” Tony states, and continues “our partnership with ADDvise has undeniably made us stronger.”