Clinichain is a global leader in clinical trial equipment provision.


The Netherlands, Almere
Acquisition year

Erik Hoddenbach

Founder and COO at Clinichain

Transforming ideas into accomplishments with ADDvise

Meet Clinichain, a global leader in clinical trial equipment provision. Clinichain has rapidly emerged as a single point of contact for the entire clinical trial process by providing pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations with a diverse range of products, devices, and wearable technology. In December 2022, the company joined forces with ADDvise, and they couldn’t be more thrilled with the match.

ADDvise is the perfect fit

When Clinichain decided it was time to find a strategic partner for the next step in their growth, they collaborated with a consultant who introduced them to more than 40 different companies. Clinichain had three criteria in mind:

1. Similar culture and view of how the business should be run.

2. Added value, looking at how a new partner could help Clinichain become stronger rather than just merging it with another company.

3. Are they good people? Upholding a core value, Clinichain chooses to conduct business with individuals who share their principles, creating positive partnerships.

ADDvise was the final introduction by the consultant, and it was immediately evident that the company had everything Clinichain was looking for.

“Not only did they believe in letting us run the company ourselves, but they were also genuinely nice and easy to trust,” says Erik Hoddenbach, founder and COO at Clinichain.

Strategic planning for dynamic action

Some of the main benefits that Clinichain has experienced since joining ADDvise are the help with strategic, long-term planning and making those plans a reality. Erik has also received expert advice with legal matters as well as planning and executing marketing activities.

“We built the company from the ground up, but to take the next step, we needed help from an expert”.

The focus has been on establishing a foundation that enables the future growth of Clinichain. Key initiatives have included implementing a new system that allows increased automation in daily business and mapping out an expansion program with potential offices in the US and APAC region.

“While we planned to pursue these initiatives, ADDvise significantly accelerated the process. They have been instrumental in turning our ideas into actionable plans to achieve our goals”.

Collaborative growth with partner companies

As the first company within ADDvise to work specifically with clinical trials, Clinichain sees many business opportunities with its other partner companies. This includes finding manufacturing partners within the group and developing mutually beneficial collaborations. Being at the point of shifting focus from building to expanding their business, Erik and his colleagues also look forward to learning from others within the group to enhance effectiveness and adopt best practices.

“We have our first global meeting in November, and we are excited about the opportunity to connect, explore mutual benefits, and grow together”.