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Market conditions

ADDvise supplies furnishings and equipment to laboratories within healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry and medicinal research.

ADDvise also supplies healthcare, both inside and outside the hospital system, with medical devices and consumables. Customers have routinely high standards. New, more stringent directives from European and American authorities regarding how pharmaceuticals may be researched, produced and supervised are constantly applied to the pharmaceuticals industry.

Consequently, cleanliness and safety standards are also made more stringent. Healthcare guidelines are also subject to change concerning how procedures may be performed and followed up. The regulations for how human tissue may be handled and stored have recently become more rigorous and the hunt for dangerous bacteria has intensified. The demand for clean rooms – bacteria-free environments – is constantly growing. All this is positive for ADDvise. ADDvise has a long tradition of building relationships and entering the order process as early as the design stage with the architect. Thanks to the acquisitions ADDvise has made in recent years and the new organization put in place in 2012, there is an opportunity to add more products and participate in the process longer through the provision of service. Finally, ADDvise is able to plan, structure, service and replace equipment and deliver consumable materials once a laboratory or healthcare facility is in operation. In this way, the ADDvise Group acts as a total supplier. The ADDvise acquisition strategy is based on industrial logic. The future within this customer segment looks bright. In the autumn of 2012, the government decided to invest a total of SEK 11.5 billion in research between 2013 and 2016 with a focus on life sciences. The express ambition is to make Sweden a leading research nation. ADDvise intends to contribute to this by creating the best and safest research facilities.

The ageing demographic in the Nordic region also contributes to increased use of consumable materials. The final stages of life often entail a major need for care. Healthcare is provided to an increasing extent in the home or in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. ADDvise is one of the major suppliers of products for this form of care. Finally, ADDvise is affected by the increasingly tough guidelines and enhanced quality requirements that healthcare is exposed to. Through close collaboration with its customers, ADDvise is able to help them meet these stringent demands.