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To understand how we work and what it’s like to be part of the ADDvise Group, we want to let the leaders of our subsidiaries have their say. Here you can read what they think it’s like to be a part of ADDvise.



“Bound for success – the power of a network”


Approaching its centennial milestone, Germa is a market leader dedicated to producing specialty products for paramedics, physicians and rescue personnel. Its mission is to ensure the safety and comfort of all individuals facing critical situations. Since joining the ADDvise Group in January 2018, Germa has experienced significant growth and development.


“Being part of the ADDvise Group has been instrumental in guiding our small company towards a very strong position in the market,” says Patrik Thornström, the CEO of Germa.


Germa specializes in high-frequency welding and technical sewing, allowing them to produce a diverse range of top-quality products. These include products for immobilization, vacuum mattresses, splints and pillows used by healthcare professionals.


Located in Kristianstad, southern Sweden, Germa is a global player, selling its premium products worldwide.


Strategic benefits of joining the ADDvise Group

The advantages of joining the ADDvise Group were evident to Germa from the outset. According to Patrik, the decision was easy. Becoming part of this strategic alliance, Germa retains the autonomy to make independent business decisions while at the same time gaining valuable access to strong management support and an extensive network of like-minded businesses.


“The decentralized strategy that ADDvise implements is highly valued by us and other companies within the group. We have a deep understanding of our market and are happy that ADDvise gives us the trust and responsibility to make our own business decisions,” says Patrik.


Growth through network and support

Patrik emphasizes the importance of the network as one of the main advantages of being part of the group. Participating in discussions with other companies regarding business strategies and sharing best practices for communication and internal management is extremely valuable.


With regular networking meetings, we can exchange experiences and learn from one another. There, we can cherry-pick ideas that have potential for our growth, sparing us the need to reinvent the wheel,” says Patrik.


As well as in the function of Germas general administration, Patrik highlights another specific area where the management support from ADDvise has made a significant impact.


We, like many companies today, aim to be mindful of the environment at all times and have a sustainable operation. ADDvise has helped us put our intentions into action and reach our goals. It would take much longer to become a sustainable company without the significant management support from ADDvise,” says Patrik.


Significant revenue increase and steady growth ahead

Since joining ADDvise, Germa has experienced a remarkable 90 percent increase in revenue. As Patrik affirms, a large portion of this growth is thanks to being part of ADDVise.


We have been in a favorable environment these last few years, but we would not have been able to capitalize on this as effectively had we not been a part of ADDvise Group,” says Patrik.


He envisions continued positive development for both ADDvise and Germa over the next couple of years and a bright future for both companies.


We have seen how ADDvise has grown, not just in the number of companies, but also as an organization. That makes them and us stronger and sets us up for continued success,” says Patrik.


Patrik Thornström

CEO, Germa

Merit Cables


“Being part of ADDvise is extremely positive”


Being part of ADDvise is extremely positive. Through our various business we help with patient care throughout the world.


As the CEO of Merit Cables, the most important things to me are Quality, Employees, Patient Care and our Company culture. We all at Merit Cables take great pride in our work and realize the products we produce could be used on our own family members.


ADDvise works as a partner that supports and strengthens us where we need it without taking away our ability to still run independently and make the necessary decisions for our Company. As ADDvise continues to grow bigger and stronger, they continue to supply support and assistance to ensure each business continues to grow and achieve its goals.


Michael Kolesar

Managing Director, Merit Cables

Surgical Tables Inc.


“A partner that supports and strengthens”


ADDvise works as a partner that supports and strengthens us where we need it without micromanagement of the day-to-day business activities. This company functions better within the ADDvise Group setting as it gives us greater opportunities for development and growth with the help of various corporate support functions.


Michael F. Cordes

Managing Director, Surgical Tables Inc. (STI)



“ADDvise acknowledge the unique structure of each business”


For decades MRC have been a family run business and the transition to being part of a larger group was initially quite daunting. However it shouldn’t have been.


ADDvise Group acknowledge the unique structure of each business they acquire, and their decentralized approach allows their companies to flourish in their own right. While at the same time their corporate support functions add value where it is needed, as well as security to our business and our clients. We are very happy to be part of ADDvise Group.


Samuel Hussain

CEO, MRC Cleanroom Systems

Be a part of the ADDvise Group


Acquisitions are one of the most important components for the ADDvise Group’s growth. We are always open for the possibility of acquisitions. We are long-term owners with a decentralized business model, with a focus on maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and business ability at the local level in acquired companies.


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