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ADDvise Tillquist

TYPE OF LEGAL ENTITY: Limited Liability Company

Our service engineers constitute key expertise within the business unit, and by sharing its expertise with the other business units, Weighing Technology contributes to growth in other parts of the ADDvise Group. In this way, the new ADDvise organization has opened up an entirely new market for the business unit.

Production takes place in its own facility in Växjö, which has the ability to customize products through the proprietary brand Stathmos. In-house production enhances its ability to meet customer requirements. ADDvise Tillquist is also the agent for world-leading products. The future looks bright, especially since weighing scales are required everywhere to save raw materials, simplify work, improve production processes and contribute to rationalization effects. In general, demands for quality and accuracy are becoming more stringent in industry. This means that demand for newly manufactured products, and the final calibration and service of existing scales modified to suit customer requirements, is expected to increase in future. The foodstuff sector is important since it is large, stable and relatively independent of fluctuations in market forces compared to other industries.

ADDvise Tillquist supplies a large proportion of the conveyor scales used in the grocery trade. Many of the scales are integrated into larger systems or in individual products. For example, a customer’s scales might be connected to a computer terminal that saves all the information the scales generates. The market is characterized by major procurements that take place at relatively long intervals, but where service agreements on the other hand often run over many years.

ADDvise Tillquist AB – Head Office, Växjö, Sweden.

Visiting address: Renvägen 1, SE-352 45 Växjö, Sweden
Telephone: +468-479 39 00
Email: vagteknik@tillquist.se