Thomas Eklund

Board Member

Board Member since 2024.


Born in: 1967

Education: Thomas Eklund has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Professional experience: Thomas has more than 20 years of experience from the life science industry and also has a background within investment banking. He currently works as an independent advisor to Investor AB/Patricia AB and Impilo AB. Thomas is also chairman of the board of Immedica AB and Mabtech AB as well as board member of Boule Diagnostics AB, Surgical Science Sweden AB and Swedencare AB (publ).

Holdings of shares in ADDvise: 83 721 A-shares and 2 295 669 B-shares.


Thomas Eklund is member of the audit committee.


Thomas Eklund is independent from the company and management as well as from major shareholders.