ADDvise completes a directed share issue of 8.0 million SEK

01-02-2016   Non-regulatory press release

The reason for deviation from the shareholders preferential rights and the motives for the share issue is to finance the acquisition of LabRum AB and broaden the shareholder base with qualified investors. The issue increases the number of shares of series B in the Company by 3,791,469 shares. The company's total number of outstanding shares increases from 22,468,178 shares to a total of 26,259,647 shares, divided into 7,619,439 class A shares and 18,640,208 B shares. The directed share issue will increase the share capital by 3,791,469 SEK, from 22,468,178 to 26,259,647 SEK and increases the number of voting rights from 9,104,313 to 9,483,460 votes. The acquisition: On December 7th, 2015 ADDvise signed a letter of intent to acquire LabRum AB. The Buyer's due diligence is expected to be completed, the share purchase agreement signed and the acquisition completed in early 2016. Financial advisor: Mangold Fondkommission AB is financial advisor to ADDvise in connection with the issue.

For further information, please contact:

Rikard Akhtarzand, CEO, +46 765-25 90 71

About ADDvise Group AB

ADDvise Group AB (publ) is an expansive group which through its subsidiaries IM-Medico Svenska AB, KEBO Inredningar Sverige AB, ADDvise Tillquist AB, Sonesta Medical AB, Sonesta Medical Inc and Surgical Tables Inc offers comprehensive solutions in the form of products and services to healthcare and research facilities. ADDvise Group's customers are located in both the private and public sectors. The Company's share is listed on First North Premier and Mangold Fondkommission AB, +46 8-503015 50, is the company's Certified Adviser and liquidity provider.

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