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Surgical Tables – Manufacturer of Surgical Tables

TYPE OF LEGAL ENTITY: Limited Liability Company

Surgical Tables Inc (STI) sells and manufactures surgical tables for medical care. The company is active in many parts of the world and is one of the leading players in the industry. The headquarter is in Massachusetts (USA) where the company also manufactures.

STI is a top manufacturer of quality surgical tables that has been building tables since 2004. Their primary focus is on major health care markets with significant growth potential, driven by the demand for better, more cost-effective treatments that offer patients an improved quality of care. Each of our product lines offers the following characteristics:

STI provides a flexible solution for the medical and budgetary concerns of all surgical environments.

Technologically Advanced
Designed to support the latest advancements in surgical procedures and imaging techniques, setting the standard for operating efficiency.

Attractive ratio of price to performance frees up space in your investment planning and the rugged engineering features keep your follow-up costs low.

Surgical Tables offers fully automated adjustment of all table functions for safe, trauma-free positioning of the patient without compromising the health and safety of the medical staff.