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IM-Medico – present throughout the healthcare chain

   TYPE OF LEGAL ENTITY: Limited Liability Company

IM-MEDICO Svenska AB markets and manufactures healthcare equipment regardless of whether treatment takes place in a warm hospital ward or by torchlight in a dark, cold ditch.

Emergency healthcare is a major trading operation customer. Today’s ambulances contain significantly more advanced equipment than those from only 25 years ago and are quickly developing into mobile clinics. IM-Medico is the market leader when it comes to sales of bags and carrying systems used in Swedish ambulance healthcare. The bags are custom tailored and designed in collaboration with the customer to achieve best functionality. Manufacturing takes place in Sweden through a sub supplier.

IM-Medico is also a well-known supplier of equipment and consumable materials used in hospital bedside treatment and care. One of the most successful products is an intra-osseous needle that enables the infusion of medication directly into the bone marrow of severely ill patients. IM-Medico acts as the Swedish agent and trains doctors and also other healthcare personnel in the use of the needle.

IM-Medico also acts as the agent in the Nordic region for the sales of the new type of biopsy needle that enables the surgeon to perform a biopsy and aspiration of tissue in a single procedure. This not only opens up a large market within cancer treatment, but also in every area where tissue samples require analysis. By coordinating sales initiatives, IM-Medico is able to meet the entire healthcare chain, which is a major competitive advantage.

Visiting address:
Tegeluddsvägen 76, Level 3
SE 115 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Goods reception:
Renvägen 1
SE 352 45 Växjö

Postal address:
P.O. Box 27047, SE 102 51 Stockholm, Sweden

Telephone: +46 8 715 55 10
For inquiries, contact: info@im-medico.se

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Business concept

IM-Medico helps supply healthcare and medical services in the hospital and pre-hospital markets in Sweden and the Nordic region with medical equipment. Professionalism and quality are watchwords that characterize IM-Medico’s operations from products and services to its employees and organization. Sales are created through close relationships and collaboration with customers, manufacturers and suppliers and a high degree of competence and attentiveness.


IM-Medico’s goal is to help develop and supply tomorrow’s healthcare and medical services in the hospital and pre-hospital markets in Sweden and the Nordic region with medical equipment. The company seeks to gain market share and become the natural choice for both customers and suppliers when it concerns the product areas emergency healthcare, diagnostics, dressings and surgery, anaesthetics and intensive care.